Korean Kimchi

Fermented asparagus

Zero Waste Pineapple, part 1. Tepache.

Zero Waste Pineapple, part 2. Fermented Hot Sauce.

Fermented Umeboshi

Fermented half-sour gherkins

Garlic fermented in honey

Za'atar Kraut

Franconian peasant loaf


Fermented Jerusalem Artichoke

Rye mix bread with sourdough

Fermented Hot Sauce "Choc Shock"

Bachelor kimchi kkakdugi

Funky Finocchio

Fermented beet

Georgian Kraut


Sourdough bread with oat groats

Homemade miso

Sourdough starter from rye flour

Traditional Sauerkraut

Fermented carrot sticks

Ginger Turmeric Honey Ferment

Lievito Madre

Sourdough overnight rolls

White kimchi without chili

Candy cane beet Kkakdugi Kimchi

Gluten free buckwheat bread

Fermented dandelion champagne

Quick sourdough rolls with rye starter

Beet Kvass

Fruity fermented fennel relish

Fermented plums Tkemali

Fermented Fennel with peppers

Fennel ferments

Ferment green olives

Milk kefir cheese

Hamburg black bread

Fermented Sunchokes

For convenience, I'm tagging all my ferment recipes with keywords to make it easier for you to find them.

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I sorted the recipes for my ferments basically according to experience level. Beginners will find fast and successful ferments in the simple recipes. So no frustration comes up! Experienced fermentistas will find new inspiration and ways to combine ferments in the advanced fermentation section.

➩ Find specific ingredients or recipes for fermentation

The searchbox comes in handy when you're looking for a specific ferment or ingredient. You can enter any vegetable, fruit, grain, spice or dairy product that comes to mind - or is waiting in the fridge for ideas. On the search results page, you can then choose which of my recipes and flavor combinations appeals to you the most.

Is fermented food suitable for children?

What children particularly enjoy, you can find in the chapter children's ferments. The benchmark for sorting into this chapter is my son, who has tested and evaluated my ferments from age 2 on. I will gladly forward any objections 🙂

There are also quite a few fermented beverages, just think of kombucha, water kefir, whey, lassie, milk kefir or beer. My passion for fermentation began many years ago with my first homemade non-alcoholic ginger beer.

In a recent survey among experienced fermentistas and beginners, you told me that you would like to see pages with basic recipes and possible variations. I'm starting this series with the absolute classic of wild fermentation ➩ Voilá, sauerkraut!

Do your homework

I always find it beneficial to refresh the basics and deepen the understanding of the methods and biochemical principles. That is why I have written comprehensive chapters about different types of fermentation. I am happy if you discover something new to you that helps you to ferment more confidently and better.

P.S. Bei manchen Rezepte zum Fermentieren habe ich übrigens den Namen der Person, für die ich es urprünglich aufgeschrieben habe, stehen lassen – Du weisst, wer Du bist ❤️