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Fermentation is not only flavor enhancement, but above all preservation. Before we could buy all vegetables and fruit at any time in the supermarket, we ate what was harvested in season. It's nice that we have recently returned to buying seasonally and regionally, thus protecting the environment.

Nevertheless, we can nibble white asparagus in autumn, for example - if we have fermented it in early summer.

I'm loving it.

PS. I have sorted the recipes by seasons of the moderate climate zone (nemoral climate, 7b - 8a). In other climate zones this sorting does not make sense, of course.

Fermentierter Curtido

Curtido Salvadoreño

El Curtido es un tipo de col relish ligeramente fermentada. Es típico en la cocina salvadoreña y la de otros países centroamericanos, y está normalmente hecha con col, cebollas, zanahorias, orégano, y a veces zumo de lima; se parece al sauerkraut, al kimchi o la tarta coleslaw. Wikipedia Curtido ist eine Art leicht fermentierter Krautsalat. Er…

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Gstopfta Rumm, fermentierte Rüben aus Oberfranken

Fermented rutabaga Gstopfta Rumm

Alle Jahre wieder ist dieses Ferment die allerbeste Beilage an den Weihnachtstagen. Traditionell werden Gstopfta Rumm zu Gänsebraten, Ente oder Schweinebraten, gereicht. Wie alle fermentierten Lebensmittel unterstützt es die Darmflora, und somit die Bekömmlichkeit der fetten Fleischgerichte. Ich liebe dieses…

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Topinambur fermentieren mit Miso

Fermented Sunchokes

Especially in autumn, at the beginning of the season, I receive many questions about how to ferment Jerusalem artichoke. After the vegetable had lost its importance over the centuries, the popularity of the tubers has been growing strongly again for several years. Jerusalem artichoke, dialectally also...

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beet kvass

beet kvass

Beet Kvass or beet kvass is one of the most famous and simple recipes for fermented drinks and is highly appreciated, especially in the USA. Its origin from Russia or Eastern Europe is not historically proven. There kvass (квас), a...

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Candy cane beet Kkakdugi Kimchi

Candy cane beet Kkakdugi Kimchi

I love beets. Red Beet, yellow beet and striped beet. These bulbs, called chioggia, look so impossibly beautiful that I can't help myself and have to enhance them with fermentation. Fermented striped beet Kkakdugi Kimchi is almost more beautiful than...

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German Sauerkraut

Traditional Sauerkraut

I am a real Kraut Rocker. Sauerkraut is nothing more than white cabbage preserved by fermentation, or lactic acid fermentation, and is probably one of the best known German dishes. Kraut has also entered the vernacular as a stereotyping term for Germans worldwide. Since cabbage...

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Mzhave, Georgian Cabbage fermented with Beets

Ukrainian Pelustka

Pelustka ist fermentiertes pinkes Bauern-Sauerkraut mit roter Bete und Sellerie Die kräftige Farbe, der pikante Geschmack und die robuste Struktur, Pelustka ist fermentierter Weisskohl nach ukrainischer Art (ukrainisch Пелюстка) und einer der beliebtesten Snacks in allen osteuropäischen Staaten. Die magenta-pinke…

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Georgian Sauerkraut

Georgian Kraut

Sauerkraut with herbs of Georgian cuisine. Georgia, one of the oldest settlement areas of mankind, is a mountainous country with access to the Black Sea. Due to the different climatic zones and the resulting diversity of cultivated products developed a seasonally delicate and varied...

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fermentierte rote Bete mit Vanille und Ingwer

Fermented beet

I love beet. I have always loved them. As a child, I ate kilos of pickled beet. No wonder fermented beet is high on my list. Traditionally with cucumber or pickling spices, with apple or...

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Berkeley Haze. Fermentierter Topinambur.

Fermented Jerusalem Artichoke

Fermented vegetables are not only totally delicious and healthy food for our microbiome due to their probiotic ingredients, they are also often a feast for the eyes and beautiful to look at. My ferments are also allowed to please the ears and sound good - hello, Berkeley Haze,...

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Za'atarkraut. Fermentiertes Sauerkraut mit Gewürzen.

Za'atar Kraut

Za'atar kraut, which is sauerkraut with my homemade za'atar spice blend, is my youngest son's declared favorite. Rightfully so. Sumac, oregano and sesame seeds bring wonderful tart, fresh and aromatic nutty flavors to otherwise plain sauerkraut. Fermented sauerkraut with za'atar seasoning. The beauty of sauerkraut...

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