Fermentierter Curtido

Curtido Salvadoreño

El Curtido es un tipo de col relish ligeramente fermentada. Es típico en la cocina salvadoreña y la de otros países centroamericanos, y está normalmente hecha con col, cebollas, zanahorias, orégano, y a veces zumo de lima; se parece al sauerkraut, al kimchi o la tarta coleslaw. Wikipedia Curtido ist eine Art leicht fermentierter Krautsalat. Er…

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Fermented Fennel

Fruity fermented fennel relish

Fennel polarizes. I, for one, love it. As a raw vegetable salad, freshly roasted with a touch of olive oil, as a quick casserole and fermented fennel is of course at the top of my list. It comes into its own especially well as a spicy garnish to barbecue, to...

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Berkeley Haze. Fermentierter Topinambur.

Fermented Jerusalem Artichoke

Fermented vegetables are not only totally delicious and healthy food for our microbiome due to their probiotic ingredients, they are also often a feast for the eyes and beautiful to look at. My ferments are also allowed to please the ears and sound good - hello, Berkeley Haze,...

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