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Honey ferments are a dream.

And they don't just work as a sweet ferment in combination with fruit. Really exciting are savory, umami combinations or slightly alcoholic, fermented beverages based on honey, similar to honey wine or mead.

No matter which honey ferment you start with, I'd bet it won't be your last.

Fermented plums Tkemali

Fermented plums Tkemali

My passion for fermentation is actually quite unpretentious just another aspect of flavor refinement of fresh products. In search of intense gustatory experiences and palate-tickling flavor combinations, I roam this world, looking at fields, hearth fires, and pots. In the process, I don't plunder...

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Fermentierter Ingwer und Kurkuma in Honig

Ginger Turmeric Honey Ferment

Ginger Turmeric Honey Ferment is not a ferment for the impatient, but it is another delicious honey ferment that shows its maximum potential especially during the cold season. By increasing the water content of honey to at least 19%, the wild yeasts present in honey are activated and...

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Katsulua. Fermentierter Kaffee.


Katsulua is fermented coffee honey liqueur. Another fabulous honey ferment! Certainly not everything needs to be fermented, but the fact that coffee can be fermented so successfully, except as a kombucha variant, evokes lasting excitement in me - fermented coffee! Due to the alcohol content and caffeine...

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Knoblauchzehen und Honig fermentieren

Garlic fermented in honey

Garlic in honey is a ferment, which I always have in the house in various degrees of maturity. Honey ferments are fabulously simple, taste extremely delicious and are super versatile. The thing about honey is that the natural water content is usually around 17%....

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