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Fermentation is not only flavor enhancement, but above all preservation. Before we could buy all vegetables and fruit at any time in the supermarket, we ate what was harvested in season. It's nice that we have recently returned to buying seasonally and regionally, thus protecting the environment.

Nevertheless, we can nibble white asparagus in autumn, for example - if we have fermented it in early summer.

I'm loving it.

PS. I have sorted the recipes by seasons of the moderate climate zone (nemoral climate, 7b - 8a). In other climate zones this sorting does not make sense, of course.

Craft Beer Pale Ale

Pale Ale »Schmidt's 0815«

Kalt gehopftes Pale Ale ist schlicht, lecker und bei den meisten Biertrinker:innen beliebt. Weil ich das Brauen dieses Bieres von meinem Freund Herr Schmidt gelernt habe, und weil dieses Bier sein absolutes Standardbier ist, heisst es »Schmidts 0815«. Übrigens: Wenn…

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Craft Beer

Craft Beer

Bier ist super. Was soll ich sagen, den Stereotypen der bierliebenden Deutschen bediene ich voll und ganz. Und da Bier zudem noch ein fermentiertes Getränk ist, musste ich selbstverständlich lernen, ein anständiges Craft Beer selber zu brauen. Warum solltest Du…

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Equipment for brewing craft beer

Bier selber brauen ist zwar nicht schwierig, aber trotzdem nicht ganz unaufwändig, und für dieses fabelhafte Ferment braucht man tatsächlich spezielle Ausrüstung. Das Improvisieren mit Gegenständen aus dem Haushalt, wie ich es für viele meiner Gemüse- oder alkalinen Fermente mache,…

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Ingredients for Craft Beer

Um selber gutes Bier zu brauen und Dich in den Aromen frei bewegen zu können, ist es gut, etwas Hintergrundwissen über die Zutaten für Craft Beer zu haben. Das sind bei einem guten Bier zum Glück nur Wasser, Hopfen, Malz…

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Selbstgemachter Feta, überbacken mit Gemüse

Make your own feta from milk kefir

Als ich anfing, aus Milchkefir selber Käse herzustellen, habe ich nicht im Traum daran gedacht, dass ich einmal Feta selber machen könnte. Festerer Käse, wie dieser Milchkefirkäse nach Art eines Feta, ist zwar kein Ferment für absolute Beginner, aber trotzdem…

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Hamburg black bread

Hamburg black bread

Hanseatic city of Hamburg, ahoy! Hamburg brown bread made from rye with oat grains is the bread of my childhood and my hometown, I grew up with it. Unfortunately, it has not been sold in bakeries for a long time - at least not in the quality that I...

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Cream cheese from milk kefir

Milk kefir cheese

Ich 🤍 Käse. Einem einem Leben ohne Käse fehlt was. Deswegen finde ich es besonders grossartig, dass man Käse aus Milchkefir auf simple Art selber zuhause fermentieren kann! Käse ohne Lab Ich mache Käse gerne ganz simpel aus selbst fermentiertem…

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Roggen Sauerteigbrötchen

Quick sourdough rolls with rye starter

I really didn't know how insanely delicious sourdough rolls with rye could be until now! Papagena I have to thank that I tried it. Because she had no Lievito Madre, so wheat sourdough, on hand to try my sourdough rolls overnight....

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Glutenfreies Sauerteig-Buchweizenbrot

Gluten free buckwheat bread

A few years ago I had to follow a gluten-free diet for a while. The biggest hurdle for me was that I love freshly baked bread! A warm crust with thick butter and a little salt... How I missed that! Because even though it's...

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Livieto Madre

Lievito Madre

I have been baking fabulous breads with Dirk, my rye sour, from pure rye flour as well as mixed breads from rye with wheat or oats for years. I can't complain about a lack of diversity. Pizza or rolls, however, I like best of all from pure...

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Fermentierter Ingwer und Kurkuma in Honig

Ginger Turmeric Honey Ferment

Ginger Turmeric Honey Ferment is not a ferment for the impatient, but it is another delicious honey ferment that shows its maximum potential especially during the cold season. By increasing the water content of honey to at least 19%, the wild yeasts present in honey are activated and...

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Wild fermentierte Karotten

Fermented carrot sticks

Sometimes it is nice to have a shady garden with large conifers, that is, a real forest garden. For example, in the summer, when it gets very hot in the city. Or in the spring, namely wild garlic grows on woody soils. Besides quite...

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Roggensauerteig Sauerteigstarter

Sourdough starter from rye flour

It is also known as rye sour. When baking with rye flour, sourdough is of particular importance, because if you tried to bake rye bread only with the help of purchased baker's yeast, it would remain flat, because rye flour needs added acid to rise. In the sourdough...

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Sourdough bread with oat groats

This is a really great bread with loose crumb and crunchy crust, written up with <3 for Nina. I'm all about oat bread, so last year I searched the internet high and low for good recipes and finally found...

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Sauerteigbrot Ben

Rye mix bread with sourdough

I got this recipe from the fabulously creative Ben from the field laboratory. In June 2020, we baked sourdough bread together at Ben's action PIXEL Brot Backen via Zoom and ate a snack together in the evening with our freshly baked bread. There were Hamburg...

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Katsulua. Fermentierter Kaffee.


Katsulua is fermented coffee honey liqueur. Another fabulous honey ferment! Certainly not everything needs to be fermented, but the fact that coffee can be fermented so successfully, except as a kombucha variant, evokes lasting excitement in me - fermented coffee! Due to the alcohol content and caffeine...

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Franconian peasant loaf

We were very lucky that in our children's daycare center the cook baked fresh bread weekly - which as a plus tasted extra great, too. After that, there was no going back to store-bought bread, so since 2013 we have been making our...

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