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Next to beer, sauerkraut is probably THE typical German ferment and great for beginners. For sauerkraut, white cabbage is sliced into fine strips, mixed with salt and mashed or kneaded until the cell juice comes out. The lactic acid bacteria present in the environment and adhering to the white cabbage start the fermentation process.

I prefer to make sauerkraut in the fall because that's when the fresh Ackerpille come in from the field. The Ackerpille is a kind of original white cabbage from northern Germany. It is flatter, fluffier, less flatulent and simply delicious!

What I love about sauerkraut is that you can enjoy it in endless flavors by simply incorporating different herbs and spices.

Taste your way through the flavors and simply ferment many small test jars until you find your personal favorites!

Am besten beginnst Du mit meinem Rezept für klassisches Kraut. Dort habe ich neben dem Grundrezept ganz viele Varianten für Dich zum Ausprobieren aufgeschrieben <3