Why fermentation.love?

Because food in general and fermentation in particular are love. Because it is so beautiful to prepare food together and enjoy it together.

This website was originated from my fermentation diary. I wrote down my ferments, first in a small black, lined booklet, then digitally. And because there were always questions from friends and acquaintances, and because Fermentistas exchange their knowledge (and their cultures) with great pleasure, all this is now collected here for your perusal.

By the way, for some recipes I left the name of the person I originally wrote it down for - you know who you are ❤️

  • Garlic fermented in honey
    Honigfermente sind fabelhaft einfach, schmecken extrem lecker und sind supervielseitig. Bei Honig ist es so, dass der natürliche Wassergehalt in der Regel bei etwa 17% liegt. Wenn man ihn auf mindestens 19% erhöht, aktiviert […]

Let's start.

I have described the basic principles of fermentation in 8 chapters for you. You will find the basic knowledge about wild fermentation of fruits and vegetables, a few words about dairy products, sourdough and fermented beverages - and tips about equipment for fermentation at home.

I also share my mistakes with you. Why did a ferment fail? What have I done wrong? How do I recognize mistakes - and how do I learn from them?

I have divided the recipes into beginner, advanced and children's ferments. You are also welcome to browse through the categories, or let yourself be inspired by my cloud of flavor.

Who likes to look at colorful pictures daily can follow my shenanigans on Instagram. Sometimes even without bacteria. But always with love!

And if you prefer to hang out on facebook, you can of course have a look at my latest ferments over there.

Have fun with with my wild, living creatures... uh, cultures 😆

viele Fermente in einem Kühlschrank