Hej! Glad to have you here. Let's ferment together!

Fermentation is not rocket science, but you need to grasp a few basics so that your produce is for consumption and not for biowaste disposal.

Principle #1 of fermentation: Do your homework. Do it.

The biochemical understanding for amateurs you gain by reading the articles will also help you against the fear of bacteria and edible molds. Because suddenly you no longer have to avoid them, but they will even become your friends.

Find the answers to your first questions here: What is fermentation?

Fermentation is preservation

So look around, what is growing in your area and put exactly that into the jar. My recipes are classified by seasonality, which makes it easier to find.

Why fermentation.love?

I come from a culture where preparing food and eating together is very important. In addition, my mother was a very talented cook. That rubbed off, and foods and beverages are absolute feel-good factors in my family.

fermentation.love carries this love forward. I love my ferments, and most of all I like to ferment and eat with my family or friends. I also like to give my colleagues something fermented, and here and there I write down recipes or make little how-to videos. So that all this is collected in one place and the knowledge can propagate even further, here it is.

Come and ferment with me us!

In June 2021, a few fabulous fermentistas and I connected on facebook to form a community. You are also invited to join the official fermentation.love group, if you want to learn to ferment with us in an atmosphere of helpfulness, respect and mutual appreciation.

For your daily dose of colorful and wild ferment pictures, just follow me on Instagram! Sometimes there's also Shenanigans with fitness motivation and without bacteria - but always with love!

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Fermentista Katsu Lask
Photo: Andreas Schmidt

Fermentation recipes

The recipes on these pages are categorized in multiple ways to make it easier for you to find them and organize yourself. I have also marked each tutorial as beginner or advanced. Then you can get started based on your experience level and no frustration stands a chance!

My son has also helped me name children's ferments. He started doing that at age 2, so his recommendations are applicable to almost all ages. He does like to eat spicy, though - if that's different for your kid, just use less chili than the recipe calls for.

You can also get inspiration by the time of year and browse the seasons that I have linked. Or you can find ideas in my little flavor cloud.

Have fun with with my wild, living creatures... uh, cultures 😆