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fermented garlic in honey

It's best to start at the fermentation menu item and work your way through. And if you have questions, you can use the comment field on each page. Then I can answer not only you, but all the others at the same time.

Let's start.

I've written down the methods and principles of fermentation in easy-to-read short essays for you.Fermenting isn't rocket science, but you need to grasp a few basics so that you're producing for consumption and not for the compost pile. I also give tips on how to equip your home for fermentation. And I share my mistakes with you. Why did a ferment fail? What did I do wrong? How do I find mistakes - and how do I learn from them?

Principle #1 of fermentation: Do your homework. Do it.

The recipes are all multi-categorized to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. I have also marked each as a beginner or advanced ferment. Then you can get started based on your experience level. My son also helped me name children's ferments. You can also get seasonal inspiration by browsing the seasons I linked. Or you can find ideas in my little flavor cloud.

  • Candy cane beet Kkakdugi Kimchi
    I love beets. Red Beet, yellow beet and striped beet. These bulbs, called chioggia, look so impossibly beautiful that I can't help myself and have to enhance them with fermentation […]

Why fermentation.love?

Because everything tastes better when it is prepared with love. And because it is wonderful and chilling to prepare food together and enjoy it together.

This website originated from my fermentation diary. I write down my ferments in a small black, lined book. And because I received so many similar questions from friends and colleagues, and because fermentistas exchange their knowledge (and also their cultures) with great pleasure, all this is now collected and easily accessible on this site. For example the recipe for

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Have fun with with my wild, living creatures... uh, cultures 😆

viele Fermente in einem Kühlschrank

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