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Fermentation is not only flavor enhancement, but above all preservation. Before we could buy all vegetables and fruit at any time in the supermarket, we ate what was harvested in season. It's nice that we have recently returned to buying seasonally and regionally, thus protecting the environment.

Nevertheless, we can nibble white asparagus in autumn, for example - if we have fermented it in early summer.

I'm loving it.

PS. I have sorted the recipes by seasons of the moderate climate zone (nemoral climate, 7b - 8a). In other climate zones this sorting does not make sense, of course.

Knoblauchzehen und Honig fermentieren

Garlic fermented in honey

Garlic in honey is a ferment, which I always have in the house in various degrees of maturity. Honey ferments are fabulously simple, taste extremely delicious and are super versatile. The thing about honey is that the natural water content is usually around 17%....

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