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Great to have you around. You have found your way here because you want to learn home fermentation? To make your own tasty and fresh ferments? What a coincidence, that's exactly what you'll find here.

Season's greetings from the jar

Elderberry soda & elderberry sparkling wine

Holunder ist ein toller Strauch! Nicht nur, dass man Holunderlimonade und Holundersekt aus den Blüten machen kann, man kann die

Wild garlic kimchi

They say Sanmaneul Kimchi, as wild garlic kimchi is called in Korean, is a kimchi of the dark side. Its intensity is untold of

C' mon, ferment with me!

Wild and cultivated ferments, with various yeasts and bacteria and lots of love. You will find not only great instructions and recipe ideas, but also the important background knowledge to produce delicious and safe food at home.

...or learn online with like-minded people

In June 2021, a few fabulous fermentistas and I connected on facebook to form a community. You are also invited to join the official fermentation.love group, if you want to learn to ferment with us in an atmosphere of helpfulness, respect and mutual appreciation.